Intoxicate Yourself On The Glory And Assurance Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  March 23, 2017 — Leave a comment

Do not continue to fear the pace at which I guide you. Do not continue to fear the obstacles presented before you. For I will govern your rate, so you do not move too quickly, nor advance too slowly. I will guide and govern your pace so you will complete each step of the sequence precisely as you need to. I will direct your path, but also your footsteps, so do not give second thought to the resistance you experience, even the resistance within your own head.

For though you resist, my process, my plans, my will, my spirit, and my grace are far greater. You are not creating your own path, but are following the path I’ve created for you. You are not inventing your own destiny, but are beginning to more fully comprehend the destiny planned for you already. As you walk with me, you will strive less, and enjoy more. You will fear less, and celebrate more. You will be less anxious and impatient, and will be more calm, more centered, more resolute.

In your fear and anxiety you used to be prone to double-mindedness, for you saw two possible outcomes. But as you continue to sit with me, walk with me, know me and receive my love, you will no longer see two options as possible. You will see what I say. You will hear what I show you. You will feel what I reveal and make known to you, and will accept and agree with it. You will not continue to defy my will, nor my timing in your life.

And as you trust me, the subtleties and nuances you missed in the past will begin to come alive, and you will recognize you possess what you’ve always wanted, and what you’ve always needed. You will see the things you have sought after, the things you have strived to attain, the things you have worked and sacrificed to acquire, all will be laid at your feet with surprising ease.

For my will for you is light and easy. And though you encounter seemingly treacherous terrain along the way, remember this has already been taken care of for all things have already been finished. So relax and enjoy. Let go of your insecurity that inspires your need to control. Let go of your worries and fears and intoxicate yourself on the glory and assurance of who I am, and who you are in me.

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