The Intoxicating Concoction Of My Liberation From Conventional Wisdom

Neil Vermillion —  March 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know you desire to understand everything. I know you want to control, and possess, and edit, and manipulate everything so it will turn out according to your plans and desires. But allow me to guide and govern all these things in your life, for I will bring you more joy and fulfillment than you thought possible. I will show you the beauty and liberty of letting go of control and assuming trust in me. I will show you the beauty and simplicity of trusting in me, and letting go of the cares and concerns that weigh you down.

And though this is contrary to your logical, rational mind, you will see how letting go will empower you to abide and cooperate. For in doing so, you will no longer resist me passively. You will no longer hesitate. You will no longer protest silently as I move in your heart and circumstances. Instead you will enjoy the freedom already afforded you, the freedom I have given you already. And as you wake up to the reality of this freedom you will adorn yourself in it, no longer wearing the garbs of hindrance, religion, or restriction.

For as you wear me you will also wear my freedom. As you wear me you will also embody creativity. As you wear me, your heart will be more than generous. For in me all these things will grow and thrive and your life will expand beyond the borders and boundaries of your past. You will grow past what you could understand, for I will guide you, even drag you against your comprehension, to all I have for you – that which will astonish and amaze you.

So do not be afraid to lose yourself in the paradox and foolishness of what I set before you. Do not be afraid to dive into the deep end of the pool, for in doing so you will enjoy the dependency I offer you, the dependency already active, yet not fully recognized in your life and in your past. By engaging your will and making the choice, you will be free to participate in, and enjoy, what I have for you in this moment, and appreciate all I have given you, even this day.

So guzzle down the intoxicating concoction of my liberation from conventional means and norms. For in my joy you will surpass not only conventional means, but also conventional limits, possessing and apprehending what Conventional Wisdom has declared impossible.

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