The Introduction Of Newness And Freshness

Neil Vermillion —  August 28, 2017 —  Comments

Know that as you continue to listen to my voice, and receive my inspiration I will move within you in bold extremes. I will inspire you to take action, and to produce great results, and do the good works prepared for you. Know I will not only have you sit on the side, and observe, or examine, or philosophize, but will also inspire, even require, you to put your faith into action (1).

With this understanding know I will cause you to move in new directions – not necessarily new to humanity, but new to you. I will cause you to take a new path, to try a new method, to establish a new relationship. I will inspire you to no longer repeat what’s proven successful and worthwhile in the past, and will give you a new idea, for a new season, to produce a new result. And though the knowledge you have acquired over the years is good, and right, and excellent, know I will introduce variety to you in order to inspire you, to help you to grow, to help you to learn new things, and to increase the excellence you already possess (2).

Be mindful and aware as I press you and inspire you to move in new directions. Be mindful as I redirect your intention and motivations to new, unproven methods, in uncharted waters. Be mindful as I redirect, even derail, your existing efforts. For I am pruning you and guiding you to new things. I am preventing you from acquiescing simply because it is what you have known, and because it is familiar to you.

Be mindful because in the moment it is introduced you may not perceive my redirection as beneficial. You may not welcome my redirection even though it will yield good fruit in your life. You may not desire the detour I have ordained in your life, so be mindful and aware as I continue to introduce newness and freshness – even though it may be particularly inconvenient in the moment of its introduction.

(1) Ephesians 2:10 (2) Psalm 23:2-3, Proverbs 3:6, Psalm 17:6, Jeremiah 6:16

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