Investing In The Truth And Revelation I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  February 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

You doubt my words because you think too much. You doubt my words because you invest in your own understanding, rather than in what I have said, or what I have done, or who I am. You doubt because you do not see the complete picture, but only a portion, only a slice of it all. You doubt because you do not like what I have said, or what I have shown you. You doubt for the sake of logic, but sometimes for no reason at all. (1)

In spite of this, do not be harsh with yourself as you encounter and discover the doubt you possess. For though you doubt at times, know I have never been swayed, nor surprised, by your doubt. I have never banked on your total and complete confidence, trust, performance, or understanding. When I show you my will, and speak my words, they are not contingent upon your permission, understanding, or blessing. I am showing you truth and reality, regardless if you like it, acknowledge it, or believe it, or not. (2)

Know there is tremendous grace for you. Know because of my confidence I have extended to you grace, and this grace will redeem. I have extended the ability to receive what I am saying, and the capacity to no longer doubt, but to adopt, receive, and believe it all. Because my hand of grace has already been extended to you, know there is no reason to fear any outcome, so be kind with yourself, and with others, as you learn, mature, and grow in this reality.

For you will surely encounter doubt throughout the course of your life at some point. You will also encounter a brother, or a sister, who will also doubt. So be kind, and patient, knowing doubt will pass over the course of time, for though it appears real, it is not. Doubt is not real, but is false and empty.

So make a choice to no longer invest into the doubts of your heart, mind, or culture. Do not continue to strengthen and fortify what is untrue, but take full advantage of the truth and revelation I have given you, and invest in the truth of your future. Invest your time, energy, resource, money and all you have into the truth I have, and am continually showing you. Invest in this truth, for it will strengthen your walk of faith, and will enable you to advance, to mature, and to persevere with great stability, precision, and excellence as you do.

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(1) Proverbs 3:56
(2) Ephesians 2:8-9

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