Invitation To Increase Your Sensitivity And Awareness

Neil Vermillion —  September 2, 2015 —  Comments

Day after day I am increasing your awareness. I am continuing to open your eyes. I am continuing to open your ears. For all these things will allow you to experience me and know me more clearly than in days past. And with this greater experience all the things you need will be found. For in me you will find all the answers to all your problems. You will find all the hope you could ever need. You will find all the love and acceptance you could ever need. You will find all the courage and joy and wisdom you could ever need.

So as you allow me to open you up, and to speak to you, and guide you, and direct you, you will find I will reveal all these things to you and even more. For there is much more within me that you know of presently. There are mysteries and delights found within union and fellowship with me that have not yet been revealed. So as I heighten your sensitivity and increase your awareness you will surely come to know them and experience them all in due season.

For I will inspire you. I will help you and empower you. I will challenge you, and you will find the answers to all the challenges in me. For there is no good thing ever to be found outside of me. There is no good alternative apart from me. There is no wisdom apart from me. There is no hope, no love, no kindness apart from me. For every good and perfect gift comes from me.

So as you allow yourself to be influenced by my spirit again and again, day after day, you will be changed more and more into my likeness. And with this change, not only will your behavior change, but also you heart and your mind will be changed too. You will find yourself in a very different place, a very different state, than you were just a year ago as I continue to lead you higher and higher, and take you further and further, and higher and higher.

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