The Irrelevance Of Your Hurts, Faults, Fears, And Confusion

Neil Vermillion —  November 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

I am speaking to you so plainly, yet you doubt you hear from me. I am speaking to you directly, yet you want to continue to test me, and try me. I open the door of success for you, and you sit at the door hesitating. I know your heart is weak. I know your mind is feeble. I know your strength is limited. So do not fret, My Dearest. Do not consider yourself unqualified, for I have qualified you already. And not only have I qualified you, but I have called you and chosen you too.

You are the one I have set apart for myself. You are my most dearest, my most cherished. So do not think less of yourself in your times of struggle. Do not consider yourself inferior in any way, for you have not only been qualified, but you have been chosen. And remember, you did not choose me, but I have chosen you. So be confident knowing my heart for you will never fade, will never change, will never waver. Be confident knowing nothing will change this, and nothing will cause you to become unlovely in my sight.

As you hear my voice speaking plainly to you, walk forward and acknowledge what I am saying, and do so with passion, zeal, and enthusiasm, knowing I have chosen you. Know that when I am speaking directly to you I am speaking to the one I love, the one I care for greatly. And when I open doors before you do not hesitate, for I am with you still. I am with you in all things, and will never leave you. So do not be apprehensive or fearful, even about making mistakes. For I am your shepherd and surely I will bring you along by my side. And by my side there is no place for fear. There is no place for mistakes, for I will ensure you are taken care of. I will ensure you arrive where you need to be, and do so with great loving care, and attention.

So do not concern yourself with those things you cannot understand, nor control. For I am working with you on your behalf according to my plans and my timetable. And I will continue to remain faithful and you will come to know me as such. I will continue to love you as your father, and you will come to know me as such. And in this way, all your hurts, faults, fears, and confusion will melt away as their irrelevance become more and more apparent in the presence of my great love for you.

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