It Is All True

Neil Vermillion —  June 6, 2016 —  Comments

As you find yourself in the middle of your path having run out of gas, with no fuel left, do not despair, but call out to me. Reach out to me and you will find I am already there. There are many things on this journey that have allowed you to come to this place and in pursuit of your destination. There are so many things you will encounter, many of which you do not, and will not, understand. But do not look to these things, for they will confuse you and overwhelm you. But look to me. I will uphold you and sustain you. I will keep you and protect you. I will simplify your life and circumstances and allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of the good life I have given you.

So I am here again, with you, enveloping you in my love to comfort and reassure you. I am extending my kindness and mercy to you yet again, in order to allow you to more fully comprehend my great love for you. And in all your failures and shortcomings, I will accept and embrace you. In all your misery and weakness, I will acknowledge you. In all your shame and embarrassment, I will honor you. In all your accusation, even the accusation from yourself, I will intercede on your behalf and vindicate you. I will stand in your place and silence the mouth of your accusers.

Though you fall a thousand times, I will pick you up, and I will refresh you so you will be able to continue. Though you forget a thousand times, I will remind you, and I will guide you time and time again, allowing you to know my stability and my security. Though you fail a thousand times, I will restore you, and supply you with courage and hope to try again. Though you rebel against me and reject me a thousand times, even still I will take you back. I will embrace you and I will love you, withholding no good thing from you, making no demands for specific performance.

For you are My Beloved, the one I desire. You were made for love from within the deepest desires of my heart. I am alive to you and you are alive to me, and we shall be together for all eternity. Nothing will ever separate us. I have accepted you since before the beginning. I have loved you since before the beginning. I have made you my own, and I will continue to love you day after day, for all the time in eternity.

Allow me to shower you with my kisses. Allow me to surround you with my embrace, and comfort you in your discouragement. In your times of humiliation, I will uphold you. In your times of being misunderstood, I will support you. As you realize your own mistakes, I will accept you without condemnation of any kind.

For what could you do to cause me to forget you? What could you do that would cause me to love you less? What could you do that would disqualify you from me? For in every case I have made restitution. I have redeemed you, and there is nothing that will, or ever could, separate you from me. And now we are together in the fellowship of our union and relationship. So celebrate this freedom and liberty you’ve been given. Realize and enjoy this wonderful and delightful truth in which you abide. For though you may not always remember, and may not always perceive these things to be true, it is all true nonetheless.

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