A Time To Be Sober Minded

Neil Vermillion —  January 21, 2020 —  Comments

Surely my grace is upon you to receive. Surely I am moving to enable you to receive all I have for you so nothing will be missed, nothing will be overlooked, nothing will be lost. It is my heart’s desire to manifest my generosity within you and among you. Even though there have been times of failure and times of doubt in the past, know that I am greater than any of your failures, and greater than any of your doubt. I will help you. I will help you to receive my vision, my plans, my spirit, my understanding, and to know my timing, and to be secure in my guidance and leadership.

I will help you in all the ways in which you see yourself weak and incapable. I will stretch out my hand to perform the deeds necessary in order to help align you with the right tasks at the right time. I am on your side, not against you, My Little Ones. I am The Good Shepherd leading you in to the paths of righteousness for my name’s sake. (1)

Surely I will assist you where you are not able to do it on your own. I will bring you. I will guide you. Do not worry or fear for the shadow of death, but trust. Trust and obey. (2)

In this time and season I am opening these things up to you, and opening these things up to those who would want to receive it. It’s becoming available more and more, day by day, minute by minute. There is a quickening coming, and there is an acceleration activated in the days and weeks ahead.

As a result, events and circumstances will be moving more quickly than in times past. If you are not sober you can miss the timing. If you are not diligent in watching, the opportunities may pass you by.

So be open, and also be sober. It is a time to be sober-minded in all things. (3)

(1) John 10:11, Psalm 23:3, Acts 4:30
(2) Psalm 23:4
(3) 1 Peter 5:8, Romans 12:3

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