Joy In The Middle Of Training And Working Hard

Neil Vermillion —  April 12, 2019 —  Comments

In the midst of all the struggle, confusion, death to self, death to idols, death to your own plans, I will be with you. Even though it will seem as though time is passing so very slowly, and all the disappointments are accumulating, growing, expanding, and increasing, I am with you still. You will enter into the day in which you will see your time spent here the way I see it. You will see things from my perspective, and all the delays and things that seemed to take too long will be appreciated for their intricate detail and the purpose for which they were created. Your time will come to forget your troubles and remember them no more as they fade in comparison to the glory and full manifestation of my great plans for you. (1)

There is a greater hope within you, waiting for you yet to be revealed. The joy and satisfaction of your toil and suffering is so small in comparison to the reward for the years to come that will be given you. I have given you my grace to heal you, restore you, and to mend all that has been broken, for I am the Great Redeemer and I have good plans for you. (2)

In the course of time, you will come to know me as Father, even greater than in years past. For the days of your greatest restoration are still before you. The days are coming for the restoration of all things. The hope within you that has died, been crushed and diluted, will arise again. You will no longer waver, nor doubt all I have placed within your heart. (3)

The vision before your eyes presently is dark, but the day is coming when you will see brightly, plainly, and clearly the fruition of all the things set in motion so many years ago. Your hearts will be alive with wonder and amazement as you consider the unfathomable detail in which all these things were conceived, and also executed. You will be in awe, unable to comprehend it all, or fathom the majesty in which all these things have been accomplished. (4)

So know this, my Dear Ones, all these things are working together for your ultimate good, for a greater glory yet to be revealed. Trust and know the path you are on will be worth every tear you have ever cried. It will be worth every painful breath, every difficult ache of pain, as the fruit of your labor manifests immeasurable joy as you forget all your hurts and remember them no more. (5)

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