The Joy Set Before You This Day

Neil Vermillion —  April 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

Do not fear your weaknesses. Do not fear your limits. Do not fear being overwhelmed, or being out of control. Do not worry or fret about your future, or about what is still unknown. For though these things are beyond your grasp, they are not beyond mine. Even though you cannot see the path clearly, and you allow confusion and doubt to hinder your walk, do not fear, for I know all and see all. I see even the things you want to hide from me, the things you believe are secret. But let me assure you, I see them all, and love you still.

For there is no condemnation standing against you. There is no blame, no harshness coming from within my heart. Instead my heart exudes loving approval and acceptance for you, opening up your capacity to receive without hindrance as you walk in stability in all things. For I know the issues of your heart and the concerns of the day, and I have answers, solutions, and comfort for them all.

So cast all your cares, worries, fears, and strife on to me, for I will carry the heavy load for you. I will walk with you, and lift the burdens you were never designed to carry. I will encourage you as I empower you to walk in wholeness and simplicity, abandoning the ways of your former way of thinking and living and embracing the purity and joy set before you this day.

So rest and trust in me, in all things, for I know what you have need of even before you ask. I know what you need, and have already provided a solution, and have made it available to you. So do not let your heart be troubled, but trust in me, for in all these things you will find rest in the union of our fellowship together.

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