The Joy Of My Truth

Neil Vermillion —  September 5, 2016 —  Comments

I will make all things clear to you. I will give you the understanding you need. I will give you insights and perspective to allow you to advance with accuracy and clarity to move in the direction I have called you to. I will grant you what you lack. I will grant you what you need. I will move within your heart and your circumstances to open up the passages I have called you to possess.

I know you are limited. I know you are but weak. I know you do not understand. I know you grow tired. So I will supply you with the remedy you need. I will supply you with the strength to possess the land I have called you to occupy. And not only will I guide you in the direction, but I will also give you details you need too. I will steer you in a direction, but will also illuminate your understanding to perceive and discern solutions to the problems you will encounter. I will grant you strategy that will cause you to be effective, competent, and successful. I will be faithful. I will endure and persevere with you. I will not forget you, nor abandon you after we have begun.

Surely I have already equipped you, and surely I will continue to teach you and reveal this truth to you. And over the course of time, as you grasp all I have shown you and all I have already given you, you will grow in your understanding and capacity to cooperate with me, doing so in my perfect timing. You will be aligned with my will. I will set your feet on the solid path, but I will also keep you there too. I will show you the path, but will also supply you with the energy to finish. I will guide you, but I will share in this process with you, so you will know you are never alone.

You never leave my sight. You never leave my thoughts. You never have been, nor will you ever be, discarded, forgotten, or abandoned. I am with you in all things, every step of the way, every single day. So when you feel alone, when you feel lost, when you feel weak, do not continue to strive in your own strength. Do not continue in the futility of your own thinking. Do not attempt to accomplish in your own power, but lean on me, and allow me to grant you what you need, and remind you of all the things I’ve promised and said to you, all the things you already know to be true.

And in doing so your heart will come alive again. In doing so your load will be lifted. In doing so your perspective will be clear. And you will see your destiny set before you, seeing it so closely you can touch it. You will see your path before you, and it will seem so brief and so easy, and you will enjoy every minute. You will see the fulfillment of all the dreams and desires I’ve placed deep within you, and you will be astonished and amazed at it all. You will be amazed and will marvel at the beauty of my great plans for you as you continue to sit with me and imbibe on the joy of my truth as I reveal all these things to you.

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