My Joy Will Envelope You And Sustain You

Neil Vermillion —  May 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

You have seen me from a distance and have come to know me closely. You have recognized my fingerprints along all of creation. You have seen my work, and have recognized the details of the things that matter, the things that point the way to me. You have heard my voice, even when only a whisper. You have felt my embrace, and my touch in your heart and in your circumstances, and now you have come to encounter me closely, and personally.

For I am not distant as you previously presumed. I am not far away, aloof, or unaware, but am with you, right now, as close as your heartbeat. I am with you in all things, in the good and the not so good, in the simple and the complicated, in the easy and the difficult, in the exciting and the mundane. I am with you in all these things, but I am not merely with you. I am not only with you in concept, but in reality.

So just as you have in the past, continue to engage with me even in your daily tasks, even in the activities that seem boring, trivial, or worthless. Even in these activities you will experience the closeness of my presence, and my joy will overtake you as it overshadows all you do.

As we share these things together your joy will be increased, and your sorrow and boredom will be diminished. I will break forth joy for you in all things, even the situations you do not like, nor enjoy. With me, in me you will have the fullness of joy, even in the mundane and trivial matters set before you. In every place I am there with you. In every idea, I am aware of your thoughts. In every minute of every day I desire to reveal my heart to you, in great and personal detail.

So do not wait to encounter me and enjoy me. Do not wait until the time is right, but engage with me right now, this very minute. For as you do, you will find unspeakable joy will not only over take you, but will envelope you and sustain you day in, and day out.

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