My Joy Will Surpass What You Know Already

Neil Vermillion —  December 2, 2016 — Leave a comment

When you are tired I will stand in the gap for you. When you are hopeless I will stand in the gap with you. When you are confused, I will be your vision and direction. When you are delayed, I will be your speedy remedy. When you are left with nothing, I will be your redemption and restitution. I will be what you need. I will be what you want. I will be all, for everything good thing comes from me, and I will continue to satisfy you beyond measure and comprehension.

As you see your goals in life begin to diminish and fade, understand they are revealing their brevity, and their worth. As you accomplish goals and cross milestones in your life, you will begin to see and appreciate more and more, what our union together really means, and the value it holds. For these things before you are but a vapor, and their pursuit, though necessary at times, is small in comparison to the eternal glory of what we have together.

So in your growth and pursuit of things in this world, do not be so consumed and compelled that you miss on the small things, the simple things, the little details of what we have together in our friendship and relationship. For our closeness and our union is so much more than what you can see today. And this great mystery, so vast, incomprehensible, and unexplainable, is continually being revealed, day by day as we continue to walk together, again and again.

So when you feel alone, remember you are not. When you feel weak, remember I am your strength. When you feel you have come to your end, remember I am your new beginning. And though you will encounter limits of the day, know I am with you. When you feel lost, and everything around you seems to crumble and fall, remember I will mend and repair and restore all things, even more than you know or can imagine. So rest and trust, and allow yourself the joy and freedom and peace of knowing me, and giving no concern to things that are unimportant. For in all these my joy will surpass what you know already, and will continue to inspire, provoke and awaken greater depths, day after day, now and forever.

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