Keeping Focus For Today

Neil Vermillion —  October 4, 2016 —  Comments

As you are continuing to increase and expand, also remember to remain faithful in what has already been given you. For in this day of new beginnings and days of fulfillment do not become distracted to the point you forget or neglect what has already been given to you. Continue to remain faithful, and watch over the course of time, how even the very littlest of things will grow and blossom into great blessings in your life.

For those who are last will be made first, and those who are faithful in the little will be put in charge over much. So continue with all you’ve been given and continue to celebrate the good blessings already surrounding you. I will increase you and expand your reach. I will give you favor and position, and in doing so will also reward your efforts and labor of the past. But not only are you encountering your reward today, but also planting seeds for tomorrow too.

So continue to remember you are reaping today what you have sown in days past, and likewise you are sowing today what you will reap in years to come. Continue to lean on me, follow me, and allow me to instruct you. For I will guide you, develop you, love you, nurture you, protect and preserve you. Do not allow yourself to be enticed by the distractions of your rewards of today, causing you to miss your rewards of tomorrow.

For I will continue to guide you, to speak to you, to love you and honor you in all my ways, as you continue to follow me, especially in the realms of greater adventure and mystery. For I will continue to draw you further than you want to go. I will call you out to the edge of what you believe is possible, and then nudge you just a bit further into what seems at the moment to be impossible. I will challenge you and inspire you, and you will see the wisdom of my ways as you continue to know me as you walk with me face to face, and hand in hand. So come to me, keeping your eyes focused on the tasks of today, knowing you are laying a foundation to build upon tomorrow.

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