Knocking On The Door Of Your Heart

Neil Vermillion —  October 30, 2018 —  Comments

In this time and in this season I am tugging on the strings of your heart, knocking on the door of your heart, and whispering into the ears of your heart. My voice is the voice of a lover, calling you gently to surrender to me, to stop resisting me, and to open yourself up to me. (1)

It is my heart’s desire to open myself up to you, and to open the doors and paths into greater intimacy and greater revelation and greater understanding together. These are all the same stream, these all come from the same source, these are my rivers from which I flow.

In times past there have been hindrances. There have been questions. There have been arguments and confusion. In spite of these, trust I am bridging the gap on your behalf. Where things were short in the past, now they will be met. Where there were questions in the past, know I am opening up understanding to receive and find answers. Where there have been hurts and offenses, I’m allowing healing to enter into those matters and for healing, restoration, and redemption to take place. (2)

I have gone out of my way to remove all that was blocking you. I have gone out of my way to remove hindrances of all shapes and sizes. I have gone out of my way to confirm these things to you, and to put my voice in my messengers so you can hear, and know, and trust, and understand all I have for you. (3)

For I want you to be free – free in every way. It is my plan to liberate you so you can function fully, and freely, without any kind of inhibition, and without any kind of hindrance. Instead, you will sprint and not get tired, you will think and not get confused, you will dream and not be fearful. For I have removed all things blocking your heart from walking in my pure love. My love knows no limits, knows no bounds, and surely I will flow freely through my children that I dearly love. (4)

The healing waters have already been drawn for you to drink. My fountains of healing have been ignited and activated to help you realize the redemption already made complete. Surely it is my desire to heal you. Surely it is my desire to restore all that has been broken, damaged, and stolen from you. (5)

Drink from my fountain of healing, for you will not be disappointed.

(1) 1 Kings 19:12, Revelation 3:20
(2) John 16:13, Joel 2:25
(3) Isaiah 45:2, Amos 3:7
(4) Luke 4:18, John 10:10
(5) Ezekiel 47:1-12, 1 Corinthians 1:30

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