Know I Have Chosen You

Neil Vermillion —  November 7, 2016 —  Comments

And now is the time in which you are growing and expanding further than you have in days past. You are doing so as you continue to follow the leadership of my spirit, as I show and reveal my plans and my methods to you. For you have heard my voice from a distance, and have said yes. You have seen my shadow from a distance, and you have run to intercept me, so I have responded to the song of your heart, opening up the understanding you desire and need.

But I have shown you these things in advance, and will continue to make them known to you. Do not fear, as though it will be somehow taken away. Do not fret or be anxious, as if I will change my mind – especially based on how you obey or respond. My thoughts towards you do not change. My love for you does not change. My plans for your life, and even the season in which you are living, does not change or waver. For I have known all these things since before the beginning and have always held them in mind, even before you began. So rest assured, my plans and my will for you life are stable and eternal. My plans for your life, will not be diminished, nor enhanced. For the gifts and calls upon your life are irrevocable, not able to be canceled or taken from you.

So even this very day, reside in peace and confidence. Know I have marked you. Know I have chosen you, though you do not always see, nor appreciate, the fullness of the call upon your life. Do not consider I have assigned you a direction, yet left you incapable of accomplishing it. What kind of father do you think I am? What kind of shepherd to you think I am? I will by no means cast you out, even in your times of struggle, doubt, or misunderstanding, but will in all ways, and in all things, bring you back to greater understanding, greater comprehension and appreciation, greater awareness of what lies before you.

And I will instruct you gently, but deliberately, as you continue remain steadfast, busy about your father’s business. I will talk to you clearly, and your heart will respond, just as you always have. I will pluck your heartstrings, and you will receive the unction of my inspiration, just as you always have. I will ignite the spark, and you will turn your attention to the fire already burning, already blazing within you for the things I have set before you in this day, and days yet to come.

For you will grow with me in surprising and delightful ways, as you continue to walk with me over the course of time. For I will take you to the heights you’ve not imagined. I will take you to the realms you’ve not conceived. I will introduce you to mysteries and wonders you have not even partially perceived, let alone become acquainted with. And as I do, you will see yourself more clearly, and understand our union more clearly along the way. For I will continue to work and to complete that good thing I have already started within you, seeing it come to its completion and maturity.

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