Knowing And Experiencing Fullness And Freedom

Neil Vermillion —  September 17, 2015 —  Comments

There is so much freedom in me. There is so much liberty in me and in the pursuit of what I have for you. And at times your natural mind does not comprehend my ways, or my plans, or my timing, and so you see me and my ways, as limiting you, hindering you, holding you back. But this perspective is not true for your full potential, your full capacity, your full desires will only be satisfied and found in me.

It is in union with me you, in harmony with my plans, in alignment and obedience with my ways and my timing you will be fully satisfied in every way. For there is no source of true, lasting satisfaction apart from me, outside of me, without me. I have come to give you life, to bring new life, and to do so abundantly.

And though you misunderstand my ways and see them as limiting you will find as you allow yourself to receive my leadership that nothing could be further from the truth. For my ways will bless you, not harm you. My ways will cause you to prosper, not to suffer. My ways will spawn abundant life, not create a meager existence. My ways will honor you, not exploit you. My ways will deliver you into freedom, not shackle you in chains.

So open your heart to trust me, and to trust my ways, and to trust my timing. For as you receive my leadership and follow all I have for you, you will experience more joy, more freedom, more bliss that you have in days past, and even more than you ever thought possible. For these are my plans for you, to see you flourish, to see you truly prosper, to see you walk, abide, and possess your success.

For I am that loving father, wanting the best for my children, willing to give you the very most, the very righteous, the very pure, even the union with me through my son, in order to give you that abundant life. And as you embrace this truth and abide in this reality you will come to know and experience the fullness of all the freedom I have for you.

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