Knowing Me Will Be Your Great Reward

Neil Vermillion —  September 26, 2019 —  Comments

My heart sings a new song over you. My heart longs to embrace you and hold you close to me. My heart longs to be with you, minute by minute, and day by day. While you desire this as well, there is still a bit of adjustment needed within you, for in many ways you are still double-minded. It is my desire to adjust your paradigm and focus. I desire to reset your priorities and innovate your behavior. There is still reluctance within you, and it is my good pleasure to liberate you from its encumbrance. (1)

As you reset your priorities you will see new desires awaken. You will begin to crave spiritual things you have not known in the past. You will desire to be filled, and you will become incredibly curious. As you focus on me, your new desires will overtake you. The things that used to occupy your time, mind, and heart will lose all of their appeal. You will become bored with them, for your interest and appetites will change. The things you fill your time with presently, will no longer seem useful, interesting, or worthwhile, for I will shake and awaken a new paradigm, along with new understanding. (2)

I will be your great reward. Knowing, embracing, and following me will be your greatest reward, and most worthy pursuit. Obedience to my will and spirit will become like a choice meal that you enjoy and savor every bite. It will be sweet to your heart, and the most precious of reward to you. I will be very generous and kind with you. I will help you obey and help you follow me. I will help make sense out of your confusion so you will rightly discern what you need to do, and what you need quit. (3)

There is nothing within you so great we cannot overtake it together. There is no obstacle, pressure, or foe so strong we cannot defeat it, nor will there ever be. So as you hear the song of my heart singing to your heart, do not resist my affection towards you. Choose to dance with me, and listen to my songs of love for you. Choose to respond to my call, for when you follow me holding nothing back, you will become so drunk on my love you will forget everything else. (4)

(1) Zephaniah 3:17, Philippians 2:13
(2) Psalm 145:19, Romans 13:13-14, 2 Corinthians 5:17
(3) Hebrews 11:6, Romans 12:2
(4) Matthew 19:26, Psalm 149:3, Psalm 30:11

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