Knowing What It Means To Be A Son Of God

Neil Vermillion —  August 11, 2015 —  Comments

In our closeness together you will find your source of satisfaction. For in me all the things you desire will be found. I will be your source of all that’s good for you. So as you open your heart to receive the influence of my spirit, and you continue to draw yourself closer to me, giving me influence in your life day after day, you will find the source of your joy, peace, hope, satisfaction, and love.

I desire to reveal myself to you. For though you know me, you know me only at a distance, and it is my desire to reveal myself more completely, more fully to you, to dwell together with you, to shower you will my love, with my blessings, with all the goodness you can withstand, and even more, and to fill you again and again.

And in this place of closeness you will discover life from my perspective. For my perspective is very different than you perspective. I see things very differently than you do.

But this perspective will not come about by the power of your own ability to reason. For my ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts. And so you will never be able to discover these things without me. You will not be able to learn of me, without me. You will not be able to follow me, without me. You will not be able to figure out my mysteries without me.

So it is in this place of closeness all these things will be given you. All this, plus much more, will be made available to you as you dwell with me together in my perfect love. My heart abounds with great love for you, my Dear One. My heart desires to show you the vastness of who I am, and what it really means to be my Bride.

For this is the great mystery, that God will dwell among men, and men would dwell together in unity with God. It is a mystery that I would forever unite myself with my creation through the incarnation of my son. And this is a terrible mystery, but it’s understanding and revelation will be your delight to pursue, understand, explore, and receive. And as you continue to know me this mystery will also continue to unfold before you, and you will truly come to know what it means to be a son of God.

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