Your Knowledge And Experience Will Increase From Our Fellowship Together

Neil Vermillion —  February 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

I want to commend you for receiving and listening to what I have to say, for accepting and embracing my influence and guidance in your life. I know your heart is for me, desiring to follow me completely in all I have for you. I know you want to do the right thing, and to do so consistently and completely. I know you do not desire another path, another way, another person, but that you are wholly devoted to me. I know this for I see this alive within you heart.

So know I will continue to empower you. I will continue to embrace you, and will continue to intrigue you in new and different ways. I will be your greatest reward, even more than the accomplishments and experiences you presently seek. I will be the inspiration of all your endeavors as you continue to grow in your knowledge and experience of who I am.

Let me continue to reveal myself to you, just I have in the past. Let me walk with you in the secret ways, and secret times. Let me speak to the private issues held deep within your heart, the painful, uncomfortable issues you deny and ignore.

I will liberate you from their pain. I will set you free from the burden and bondage they create. I will heal the damage created from the breach in what has happened, for I am the Master of Redemption. I am The One Who Sits On The Throne, and I have made a way of redemption, healing, and liberation that is more than excellent, more than glorious, and more than fulfilling for you.

I will slow you down, allowing you to focus on the important, rather than passing it by. I will repeat what you need to receive again, and will advance past what you do not. I will be detailed and thorough, so as not to leave any part or detail neglected. But I will also be kind, and so patient with you, just the way you need, just the way you have wanted.

So allow my spirit to encourage you, as I empower you and correct you. I will bring you through misunderstanding, and into the light of my revelation and understanding. And as a result you will know me and my ways, and our fellowship together, though very real and eternal, will increase in your knowledge and experience.

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