Lasting Satisfaction And Fulfillment

Neil Vermillion —  November 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

Though you feel the pressures of the day, and you feel compelled to be busy in order to meet the demands placed upon you, take a moment to reflect and see what I have done in your life already. For as you reflect I will awaken perspective for this present moment so you will not lose heart, but will see the advancement and growth you have experienced and where you have come from. And with this perspective hope will be strengthened, for you will remember your God, and will not look to the things that stand against you as great (1).

You will see me, and know I am with you. You will know I am working in you, even this very day, and I am sharing all these things with you in order to invigorate your spirit, so you will not be sad, down trodden, nor discouraged, but will be happy, peaceful, and full of confidence. And as I speak to you regarding the issues of the day, know I do so because I love you and because I am growing you further than you were yesterday. I am taking you past the limits that are known, past your comfort zone, and bringing you to new experiences, new people, new ideas, and new expressions.

With all of these also comes new possibilities, so remain flexible in your approach as I continue to guide you. Yesterday’s paradigm will not suffice for today, so remain flexible as I adjust your understanding, enabling you to live in this moment, no longer living in the past, operating from yesterday’s mindsets. Walk in confidence in this, knowing I am with you, and knowing I am stronger than your enemies, stronger than what plagues you, and stronger than your limits and circumstances, for the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength (2).

Look past what is seen, to what is unseen, for I will open up your eyes and your vision, and allow you to indulge in the delicacies of my table, where you will be filled forever more and will experience true, healthy, and lasting satisfaction and fulfillment (3).

(1) Psalm 66:5, Psalm 143:5 (2) 1 Corinthians 1:25 (3) 2 Corinthians 4:18, Luke 22:30

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