Layers Of Revelation And Understanding Available To You

Neil Vermillion —  July 7, 2015 —  Comments

I am bringing about greater clarity to the vision for your life and circumstances. I am continuing to confirm my plans for you. And today I am bringing additional clarity to what’s already been set before you.

For there are layers upon layers of revelation and understanding available to you. So I am opening this door to you today, even right now this very moment.

And as you receive greater insight to the plans I’ve given you already, your heart and mind will understand. And with this understanding you’re going to have so much more confidence. You’re going to understand timing better, and you’re going to understand purpose better. You’re going to have a greater perspective, and you’ll be able to comprehend and appreciate your present position within your individual process too.

You’re going to not only have more understanding, but you’re going to begin to possess greater resolve too. For as your heart is alive, you’re going to be able to whether the storms and overcome the hardship and pitfall of doubt trying to steal, kill, and destroy that hope and vision planted within you. So with this understanding, and with this greater resolve, you’re going to be able to move forward faster, with stability, and you’re going to have more peace as you do.

Continue to put your trust in me, and allow my hand to guide and direct your circumstances and the timing. For my hand is already at work, making things happening, initiating all the shifts, tweaks, and adjustments needed proper alignment at the right time. I’ve already synchronized many things, and I will not lose sight of important details, or become forgetful about what needs to be accomplished.

So let go of your performance mentality, as if you are improving the plans already I’ve already set in motion. And instead, sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all. And enjoy watching and cooperating with it all as events, circumstances, pressures, and trends continue to unfold, layer after layer, day after day. And in doing so you will be lightening your load, and taking up my yolk, rather than carrying those burdens for yourself.

Allow yourself to trust, and move forward, not looking back. Move forward in hope, in faith and trust, believing, and you will see it all come to pass in the due course of its appointed time.

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