Leading You To Abundance

Neil Vermillion —  June 29, 2017 — Leave a comment

In these days of transition do not be hasty to reject my corrections. Do not be presumptuous or stubborn as I highlight and emphasize issues of your heart and mind. Do not be fearful or reluctant as I introduce new ways of thinking and being. Do not be skeptical as I introduce new mindsets, attitudes, and paradigms. Instead, breathe the air I have for you; taste what I have already given you; drink all you can consume, and then drink a little bit more.

Receive all I have for you, even though portions of it may be unpalatable to you at first. Even though the medicine I have for you may taste unpleasant initially, this is only because it is foreign to you. As you digest what I have given you, you will see its significance and begin to appreciate it all, and acquire its taste. As you sober yourself from the toxins of the day, and absorb the truth I present to you, your understanding will increase and you will see the beauty and wisdom of my ways.

And in this understanding you will also be empowered to receive my gentle adjustments. For I correct you because I love you. I see the problems in your life, and I am bringing you freedom from them. I see the cycles that repeat in your life (and also in your heart and in your mind) and I am interrupting those cycles, in order to bring you liberation from their influence, allowing you to govern yourself, and choose your own path, rather than remain in the rut of dysfunctional routine.

I am instructing you in the ways of righteousness. The reason you reject it is because you do not understand it. You do not understand it because it is foreign to you, which is the very reason I am bringing it to you now.

As you feel my finger prod and provoke you, do not harden your heart. As you feel the weight of my presence inspire you to move and take action, do not remain hesitant. As you wonder about aimlessly, and sense my guidance and direction in your thoughts and contemplation, do not resist or reject what I present to you. For my words are life, and I am bringing you to a greater appreciation of the fullness I have reserved and set aside for you.

Trust in me and trust in my heart and plans for your life. Even though you do not know, like, understand, or approve of my methods, rest in the confidence of my heart and my plans for you. For in confidence of knowing my heart for you, you will not be swayed, nor will you waver. In this confidence you will remain resolute, solid, and stable. In this confidence you will not be moved, but will endure and will do so peacefully.

Trust in the move of my spirit, as I move you past the lessons of yesterday into the maturity of today. Trust in my spirit, as I speak to you and challenge you to accept my great love for you. Trust in the inspiration and unction of my spirit, though the language, symbols and methods I use can be vague, elusive, and even mysterious. Trust in me in all these things, for I will not lead you to your demise, but to your abundance as I continue to speak, inspire, and correct you.

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