Learn To Accept My Embrace

Neil Vermillion —  August 5, 2016 —  Comments

I am always moving in your circumstances and your heart, even though you may not always perceive it. I am working behind the scenes in details too small for you to notice. I am working in motions so slow you cannot perceive their movement. I am working in directions so distant you cannot detect their approach.

But in all things I am working for your good, and for your ultimate benefit, for these are my plans for you, according to the desire of my heart to bless you. I am speaking to you in new ways, gaining your attention in new ways, and new areas. I am drawing your attention away from yesterday and bringing your focus to today. Today you will see me differently. You will know me, but you will see me differently, for I will not look the same to you as I did yesterday.

And for this reason a flexible mindset will be required. As I continue to draw you away from yesterday, and bring you to today, you will have to be open to new ideas. Yesterday’s manna will be insufficient for today, just as today’s manna will insufficient for tomorrow. But each day I will give you your daily bread, so do not look to yesterday – it’s ideas, notions, or habits – but look to me today and every day.

As you look to me, also remember who I am. Remember who I am not. Recall my role and my position, and do not presume that you fully comprehend all that I am doing in this moment. But instead, hold on to what I have shown you in the past loosely, as you embrace my message for today. Today will hold such wonder, delight, and amazement for you if you will be open to perceive it. Today will set you up for such wonderful adventure and enjoyment if you will be open to receive it all. So continue to remain open and flexible, for as you do, you will encounter me in new and wondrous ways.

For what I have set before you today is not like what I set before you yesterday. And what I have in store for you tomorrow is nothing like what I set before you today. So continue to walk by faith, keeping yourself open to my leadership, influence, and inspiration, for as you do, you will encounter me and my plans in such new and delightful ways, day after day.

And you will know me and come to love me, even more than you thought you would. You will enjoy my lightness and the absence of toil and distress. You will become accustomed to my nature, and no substitute will be able to take my place. For as you taste and experience my goodness, you will not be satisfied with any other. And as you walk with me again and again, day after day, you will experience me so deeply, so consistently, your heart will let go of all your hindrances as you learn to accept my embrace.

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