Learning To Rest And Relax

Neil Vermillion —  April 25, 2017 — Leave a comment

Even though you feel the pressures of this day, and the perceived pressures of tomorrow, grant yourself the liberty to rest. Do not be tempted to carry this burden in your own strength, on your own shoulders, in your own understanding, but walk in my shadow and allow me to carry the heaviness of it all. For you incorrectly think I have pushed you to this place because I need your help. You believe you bear the responsibility of accomplishment, and so you exert your own strength, according to your own understanding. But trust in what I have for you, trust in my strength, and trust in my revelation. For my yoke is easy, and the things I will have you carry are very, very light. I am not moving you to this place because I need your help, but rather I am moving you to this place in order to reveal my great plans for your life, and to assist you in resting in the midst of the movement of my hands.

So let go of the stress and striving of all that is before you this day, and let down your guard, no longer holding on to the worry in you heart and mind. Let me renew your strength and renew your joy, for you grow tired and become too serious, not allowing yourself the full recreation and enjoyment afforded to you already. Imbibe on the lightness of my spirit and the silliness of my spirit. Frolic and play in the midst of my presence, for in my presence there is fullness of the joy you want, the joy you seek, and the joy you need.

For the problems of this moment will weigh you down, holding your head beneath the water. Allow me to breath creativity and playfulness into your daily life. Allow me to give you the breath of fresh air you need for what’s in store today, as well as tomorrow.

For even though you have a capacity for work, and for responsibility, and for seriousness, you also possess a capacity to recreate, and play, and joy. So do not fret, for in your stress and anxiety you will move the needle no more quickly. Do not be anxious, nor impatient, for in this state you will not grow or advance any more quickly. The harder you strive, the more noise you will produce. The more effort you apply, the more work you will undo.

So rest in me, and trust in me. When you do not understand the plans, or the process, or your present circumstances, trust in me. In doing so you will find I am so loving and so patient. You will find I am more than gracious, and more than understanding in every way, in every aspect of your life. There is no part of your life I do not see, do not know, or do not understand. So relax and recline with me, for I know your needs before you ever ask of me.

Rest, and trust, and know I have moved you to this very place with specific purpose, part of which is to learn to rest and relax even in the midst of great activity and involvement.

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