Learning To Embrace My Lordship In Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  April 25, 2019 —  Comments

In these present days I will help fashion within you the strength you need, for today as well as tomorrow. In the challenges soon coming, you will need to know me face to face, and know my voice in order to survive. It will not be easy. It will not be fun, but it will be possible to overcome all these things if you draw yourself near to me, and rely upon me for every breath and beat of your heart. (1)

You will see great waves on every side. Even though the waves look as though they could overtake and destroy you, I will offer my guidance, protection, and provision if you will hear my voice, and receive my instruction. If you hear my voice, and respond to my words given you by my messengers you will be preserved, despite the waves on every side, despite the calamity forecast on the horizon, and despite the prognosis of conventional wisdom. (2)

In these present days I am working on your heart and circumstances to propel you to occupy the space of preparation. Even though it may feel like a form of punishment, it is good for you. The reason it feels so difficult, so painful, so uncomfortable is not because it is bad, but because you have had it so easy for so long. To those who have ears to hear, and those who have eyes to see all that is brewing on the horizon, all of these words will make sense. The events soon coming will be like a wild adventure, a time of embracing great humility in addition to the lessons I am teaching you in this moment. (3)

Many of these lessons will require a death to your current vision. It will require you to abandon many of your plans, goals, and strategies. These lessons will not feel entirely comfortable to you, though they will bring you a very rich and abundant life and will sustain you. These matters are very serious, and have great importance for you. All these lessons will impact the matters of your heart, and will need to be examined. In your examination you will become more fully liberated from the lies of your past, and exchange a greater manifestation of truth for your present and future.

All these things are not about you learning how to grow in your own strength, but rather about you learning to grow in your reliance on me. The strength you will tap in to will not be your natural strength – your mind, experience, power, or influence – it will be your capacity to hear my voice and follow me. As you obey what I show you, and do it faithfully at the appropriate time, my strength will manifest in you more and more thoroughly, more and more frequently. (4)

In this season of embracing my Lordship in your life, you will find rest and comfort in your weakness and defeat. For in your weakness and acknowledgment of your limits, I am made strong and able to manifest without hindrance. Even though it will be a death to your current life, acknowledgement and cooperation of my Lordship will lead to eternal life and great reward in every aspect for those who follow, and for those who overcome. (5)

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