Let Go And Watch What I Am Doing

Neil Vermillion —  April 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

For today is your day to continue to expand. I have set you as one that will grow, and continue to grow. I will allow your reach to expand as far as you desire. I will allow your influence and impact to carry as far as you desire. I will allow your dominion to carry as far as you desire. So do not sell yourself short, settling for less than what you could have attained, less than you could have been given, less than you could have developed. For I have put so much potential within you, so do not think smally, but think bigger.

And though I have affirmed this to you already, and though you have seen my hand moving already, do not be apprehensive, nor presumptuous. For I will guide and govern your pace and your timing. Though you desire certain manifestations to grow rapidly, and other manifestations to grow more slowly, I will set the pace. I will guide your tempo and limit you when you are too fast, and accelerate you when you are too slow. And in doing so, you will experience the pressure of my guidance. Do not hold back, but remain flexible, for even though you understand the direction, and the path, sometimes you do not understand the pace and the rate.

Allow me to guide your rate. Allow me to grow you according to my timeline. Allow me to influence you, as I prepare you for what is yet to come. And as you do, I will invigorate your heart, widen your reach, and strengthen your stamina, for I desire that you walk and abide, and grow and advance, even further than you have already.

And as you see the doors of advancement open before you, and as you begin to discern the speed and rate is faster than you are comfortable with, do not hesitate. Do not slow down in order to accommodate your comfort zone. Do not resist the acceleration of my pace, for I will move you rapidly. Instead, let go of the control you desire to retain, and allow me to govern and dictate your speed and rate of advancement and growth. Allow me to show you the steps, and give you the faith and understanding. Allow me to bring the right people into your fold, so you will be equipped with the resources, talent, and skills needed.

Let go and watch what I am doing. Let go and observe what I have said and have made known to you. Let go and trust me and see if I really will do what I say. Trust me and see if I really do know what I am talking about. Let go and allow me to govern and guide. Let me be your king in the timing and pace of your present day living.

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