Let Go Of Your Worry And Invest In Me

Neil Vermillion —  May 25, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have sought you in the mundane, and the boring. I have sought you in times that seemed to be unbearable and undesirable. I have sought you day and night, and in all things. I have sought you in ways you have not imagined or comprehended. I seek you now and tomorrow, and will have sought you yesterday, even before yesterday. I have and always will seek you, and pursue you. For you are my heart’s desire. You are the jewel of my affections. You are the intimate object of my affections, and my love for you burns within me to express itself to you again and again.

My nature is to reveal and share with you, for you were made for relationship. My nature is to open your eyes, and shower you again and again, in unending extravagance, the wondrous glory of my great, and unfathomable riches. For what I have for you is far superior to what you have concluded or surmised in your own estimation. What I have for you far exceeds your own imaginations, notions, and presumptions. What I have for you is so much greater, so much bigger, so much more incredible, it is not possible for you to exaggerate.

So strive not, but rest. Worry not, but trust. Fear not, but abide. Drink me in all things. Consume and digest me in all your days. Inhale me in all your ways, and allow me to overwhelm you with my great love for you.

What I have for you is easy, and enjoyable, not difficult or painful. What I have for you is fulfilling and inspiring, not destructive, nor tedious. Accept me, and accept my ways, for in doing so you will experience the full expression of the joy I have for you, made available to you through the fellowship of my spirit. You will experience my great affections, and as you do, the trivial problems of this world will begin to fade in their comparison to what I have for you, right now, this very moment.

Your problems will begin to seem smaller, as you continue to direct your gaze upon me, rather than your problems. The delays you experience will begin to seem to brief in comparison to the timeline of eternity, as you fix your gaze upon what I have for you, and what I have already made freely available to you. Your disappointments will also begin to fade, as you encounter the joy set before you this day, as you realize the complete detail of the full redemption of all that has been broken, stolen, and damaged.

For my redemption is not incomplete. My redemption is not inadequate. My redemption is not superficial, leaving room for improvement. But the redemption and restoration of all things, will far surpass your capacity to register the ramifications it also includes.

So with this in mind, let go of all your worry, and invest your hope in me. Invest in me, for I will be so very good to you, just as I always have. Invest in me, and do not concern yourself with irrelevant excuses that hinder your fellowship and pervert and contaminate your joy. Invest in me, and let me return the principal, along with unparalleled interest and growth back to you, hand over fist, again and again in perpetuity.

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