The Liberation Already Afforded You

Neil Vermillion —  May 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

Walk with me like a child, simply accepting things by faith. For I am taking you past the limits of yesterday, past the regions of your comfort. In your comfort you have stability, but you also have imposed limits. And because I desire to see you reach your fullest potential, I am going to move you past these limits. And in this growth and development of who you are, I will speak to you and guide you, and I will bring you past the limits and mindsets of yesterday, as you will allow me to.

But know, as you move past your limits you will have to dismantle your present way of thinking and behaving. For I will move and inspire you to discover and encounter new ideas and acquire new understanding. Know in order to embrace all that is new for you, you will be required to abandon previous ways of thinking and being. But let me assures you that in doing so you will not miss out. As I prune away all that is dead and unfruitful in your life, you will not miss out on anything, but will be prepared to grow and flourish like never before. You will be enlarged and increased in your capacities in every way. Trust me as I share these things with you, for your courage will surely be well rewarded.

So walk with me in faith, and know I am guiding you day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Know I have seen you since before the beginning, since before you ever drew breath. And know I have loved you since before the beginning as well. I have loved you since before you ever drew breath, before you ever opened your eyes, before you ever cried your first tear. And just as I have always loved you, so always will I continue to love you. I will continue to uphold you, sustain you, guide and protect you. I will continue to inspire you, and challenge you. I will continue to teach and grow you. I will continue to move in you, and through you, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of those around about you too.

So do not continue to assess yourself as limited, for in me all things are possible. What is impossible with man, is available and possible in union with me. As I look upon you I see no limits. As I look upon you I perceive no blemish or deficiency within you, for all these things have been done away with through the union and fellowship and sacrifice of my son. You are disqualified in no way. And because I have not disqualified you, do not continue to consider yourself disqualified. For you have been redeemed and reconciled together in me, with me.

And with this knowledge do not hamper the instructions of my spirit, as I speak to you clearly. Do not hinder the move of my hand in your circumstances as you see me move with what seems to be random, or even chaos. But know who I am, and know I am moving not with chaos, but with precision, as I move your circumstances, upsetting the balance you have worked so hard to establish and maintain.

For though you desire the perceived security of these habits, mindsets, and routines, they will hold you back ultimately. Though they seem to offer security, their influence results in bondage. And because I desire to see you walk in total freedom, independent of these trivial and feeble crutches, I am willing to remove their influence in your life, so you will begin to realize the liberation already afforded you.

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