Liberation By Means Of Fire And Storm

Neil Vermillion —  July 3, 2018 — Leave a comment

As I am continuing to challenge you, know I am also continuing to speak to you too. I am setting before you specific challenges designed to reveal weakness, fear, and misunderstandings in your life, in your heart, and in your mind. And these challenges, though unpleasant, will produce good fruit in your life for they will expose and confront the errors of your past, and will allow you to identify, and overcome, the obstacles, lies, and misunderstandings holding you back.

For these things not only slow your progress, even blocking it entirely at times, but they will also inhibit and reduce your joy. These things diminish your capacity for performance and accomplishment, but also diminish all I have afforded you as you abide by their governance and adhere to the reality they dictate and prescribe to you. So understand, what I am challenging you with this day is not merely about accomplishment, even though accomplishment is part of the equation, but is also about enjoyment, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Do not run away from what I have set before you this day. Do not run away from the fire in your path, for the fire will purge and refine, and all that remains will be purified. Do not avoid the fire, but embrace it. Do not resist, nor avoid, the storms set into motion this day, for they will bless you and liberate you as you continue to walk with me, rely on me, and relate to me in every way, in every day.

I care about you deeply and intimately. I care about you personally and specifically. It is for this reason I confront the errors of your past that are still influencing your present and future. It is because I care about your well being, your joy, peace, and happiness I bring about these difficult and uncomfortable challenges in order to expose lies, misunderstandings, and hindrances in your life, so you will see them, but also begin to make the necessary changes to liberate you from their ill effects.

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