Liberation From Limiting Mindsets

Neil Vermillion —  April 8, 2016 —  Comments

Today allow me to assure you I am confronting your limits. I see your limiting mindsets, and I see the limiting emotions within your heart. I am bringing all these things to your attention and exposing their influence in your life. And though this is uncomfortable, painful, and even scary, it is for your good. For I am exposing, confronting, and removing all these things in your life because they hinder my love for you.

I am exposing them so you can see. For many of them are so familiar to you they seem completely normal, completely acceptable. But they are not acceptable. They may be familiar, but they are not acceptable. And so I am bringing about a new insight regarding these influences in your life so you will be able to see, recognize, and identify their influence and impact in your daily life.

I am confronting these mindsets to bring about correction. This is not the kind of correction in which you will feel shame or embarrassment, but rather you will enjoy the fruits of this labor. For I am making the crooked thinking straight. I am making the perverted thinking pure. I am making the backwards thinking move forward again. And in this way I am redeeming and restoring who you are, correcting the issues of your heart and mind, as I set your foot on the corrected path for you to travel.

I am removing all these things because they hinder and harm you. For it was never my plan, never my intention for you to live in a perpetually broken state. It was never my plan for any harm to touch you. So, like a physician, I am examining you, diagnosing you, and also prescribing to you the next logical course of action in order to bring you to full health. I will perform what needs to be done, even on your behalf, in order to bring about your freedom. For it is my desire that you walk in, and enjoy, the fullness of my freedom for you.

So as you see hurts and fears begin to manifest in your life over these next few days, understand I am shining my light of discernment and revelation upon them. You are seeing what I am showing you, and you will discern and understand what I am saying. For I am not exposing these things only to inform you. But I am exposing these things in order to bring about your freedom and liberation. For they have influenced you for too long, and the time has come to remove them and to divorce yourself from their influence from now on.

So do not be afraid of the fears presented in your timeline in this present season. Do not shudder or react, but move forward in spite of your fear, in spite of your hurts. For today is a new day and the things of the past will not continue to possess the land I have reserved for you. For we will walk hand in hand and occupy every space I have set aside for you, My Dearest. We will walk together, and you will not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day. For I am with you in all things, and I will remain with you until after the very end of it all.

So move past your fears. Move past your limits. Trust in me and know I am with you, but also know I am initiating these events in your life. Do not think you are being pressed or punished. Do not think you are defeated or incapable. For I am bringing these events and circumstances about in your life this very moment in order to show you just how free you really are. I am revealing your own potential and capacity to your own self.

So embrace me this day. Embrace my process this day. Divorce yourself from the ways you’ve adopted over the years, the ways you’ve learned, the ways you were even instructed to receive. For these things are not of me, and they will do you no good. Divorce yourself from all these lies, from all these hurts, from all these fears, and walk in the boldness, confidence, and assurance of who I have created you to be. Occupy the region I have given you. Pursue the desires within your heart. Follow your purpose and know I am with you in all things.

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