Your Life Will Be Changed Today And Forever More

Neil Vermillion —  December 29, 2016 — Leave a comment

I will cause you to reflect on key issues, and pertinent moments. I will cause your attention to be moved to what I have for you. I will direct your gaze to view what I have for you to drink. So as you reflect on your day, and the hour at hand, know I am guiding not only your path and destination, but your thoughts as well. For I have whispered in your ear so softly you did not hear it. I have nudged you so gently you did not feel it. I have planted seeds within you so early, so deeply, you have not known it, nor experienced a time without them.

But nevertheless, in all these things, and even more, I am guiding you, steering you, and directing you. In some ways you perceive my influence, but in so many other ways you do not. My influence and involvement in your life is so much greater than you know, or have ever known. And because of this you do not know, nor are you able to conceive, of a time in which I have not been involved.

For you think your own capacity is sufficient. You think your own strength is valuable and worthwhile. You believe your own righteousness, plans, and glory have intrinsic value sufficient to make your own way apart from me. But as you continue to come to know me more fully, gradually, over the course of time, you will begin to see and understand the foolishness of this line of thinking.

For my grace will roll over you like a gentle cloud, enveloping you fully. The weight of my presence will cause you to slumber and rest. The warmth of my presence will allow you to relax, no longer carrying the burden of the Self-Salvation that governs your heart, mind, and circumstances. And as you become overwhelmed and overloaded with what I have for you, you will become liberated from all the silly lies, trivial addictions, and stupid distractions that suck away your time, energy, resource, and devotion. And in this place of liberation you will have no lack.

You will have no wants, no needs, no desires remaining unfulfilled. Instead you will experience the immeasurable, incomprehensible bliss and ecstasy I have always wanted for you. Your joy will not only be made complete, but will surpass and redefine what you believe to be possible. The degree of joy and happiness I have for you is so much greater than you have presently known… but let me assure you, you will not only know it, but live it, experience it, and will do so again and again, day after day for these are my plans for you, My Dearly Beloved.

And as you begin to see this, know this, and experience this, your world will be changed as your perception of today switches from problems, to solutions. And in seeing, knowing, and embracing your solutions your life will be changed, today and forever more.

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