My Light And Easy Yoke Intended For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

You have said yes to my call. You have said yes to my spirit. You have said yes to the path and process set before you this day, and I do not take these things lightly. I know you walk by faith, even in confusion at times. I know you are not always certain which direction to go. I know you have obstacles and conflicts, and still you have chosen me, and to follow me.

I know all these things about you, and still I made my way for you to continue with me, in spite of these little hindrances. For in the light of knowing me all these things are but small. But I also realize many times you have said yes to me, without fully knowing me, so I want you to know I am well pleased with your heart’s response. With this I want you to know I see your struggle, and your hurt. I see your irritation and frustration. I see how you wrestle with the complexities of the day, and with the seemingly unending stream of paradoxes and exceptions to reconcile.

So it is with all these things in mind, and even more, I know you have chosen me. I know you have done the best you can in many ways. I know you feel alone, walking by faith, praying and hoping this invisible God is real, and is with you, and is reliable. I know there are questions that confuse you. I know you have inner, as well as outer, conflicts and disagreements. I know all these things, and see all these things, and can fully appreciate them both individually, as well as collectively.

Let me offer you my assurance to you once again this day, so you will know my heart for you. Let me affirm your heart and affirm your intentions. Let me embrace you with my kindness and patience so you will find rest to your situation. Let me comfort you in the irritation of paradoxes. Let me soothe the hurts of disappointment and negligence. Let me bring air for you to breath, and water for you to drink. Let me give you light for your feet, and perspective for your heart.

In all these things I will not provide a generic answer or solution. In all these things I will certainly demonstrate to you how intimately and personally I know you. In all these things I will show you I am aware, and not only aware, but also involved in your daily life.

So walk with me in the cool of the evening, and allow me to carry your burdens upon my shoulders. Allow me to make your load easy and light, so you will not grow weary. Allow me to speak to you softly, and remind you how much I love you, and how well I really do know you. For your heart desires to not only know me in this way, but to experience me like this, and to do so frequently.

So do not resist my gentle, but persistent advances. Do not hide yourself from me for I will enamor and overtake you with my great love for you. Rest and trust for I will show you my great delights, my great love, and my great plans for you. And as you receive them all, you will not be able to fully comprehend it all. For what I have for you today is far too great to measure. What I have for you in this moment, is beyond enjoyable, and beyond your capacity of comprehension. What I have for you in the day you hear my words, is beyond your capacity to absorb and digest, in its wonder and beauty, in its full magnitude and scope encompassed.

So let me guide you to the easy, gentle path marked out for you. For though you will surely encounter struggles and challenges – even resistance and persecution – remember my light and easy yoke intended for you.

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