The Light Of My Immeasurable Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  January 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I continue to make all things new, I will also continue to enlighten your understanding and perspective. I will not leave you behind, forgetting or neglecting the good work I have already started within you. But I will touch your heart in such intensely personal ways that you will never be the same again. I will inspire you to dream, and the position you presently occupy will begin to seem too small. For as the inspiration of your dreams begins to overtake your fears, and as the understanding of who you are in me begins to overtake the limits you currently perceive, your vision and aspiration will also continue to increase and expand.

But do not fear this expanse of vision, for this expense will not be birthed from greed, or selfish ambition, but will come about a result of your understanding of the removal of the perceived limits that are currently inhibiting you. For you are free already, but in many ways you do not yet know it. So allow me to reveal all I have given you, so you will not settle for less, but will begin to possess and display the full potential already placed within you.

As you receive you will also give. As you learn of me, from me, you will in turn become a demonstrator, a giver of what I have given you. So drink deeply, and drink frequently. Drink until you can drink no more, for my joy will heal and liberate you, and will do your heart so good. And as you continue to drink of the wine of my joy, your sorrows and cares will be drowned in a reckless, gratuitous fashion.

Do not allow your self-perceived need for dignity hinder your capacity and enthusiasm to drink. For in drinking of my joy you will begin to realize all I have already given you. And though this is foolishness to your circumstances, foolishness to your reputation, and foolishness to you logical thinking and conventional wisdom, it will be so very good for you, in so many ways, even more than can be described, or fully measured.

And in this great expanse you will also enjoy the reconciliation afforded you, and will no longer consider yourself fragmented or ostracized, but will see your place perfect union with me, and in the body, among the community, making your individual, righteous contribution. Through all these things, you will find I am there with you already, that I have never left you, and that you have never been forgotten, nor rejected in any way. And this encouragement and affirmation will do your heart so good, as you continue to sit with me and shower in the light of my immeasurable love for you.

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