The Long Term Perspective

Neil Vermillion —  May 6, 2016 —  Comments

The details will take care of themselves. You have already aligned yourself to cooperate with me, so do not concern yourself with little details for they will fall into the right place at the right time. Cast your eyes on the long term perspective and put your energy on the larger perspective. In doing so you will have a context allowing you to receive a better understanding you desire. Casting your attention away from details will grant you the necessary understanding how bigger pieces of your life fit together.

As you cast your eyes upon the heavens and receive the perspective I am showing you, allow your heart to simply receive and believe without any filter. Do not attempt to comprehend it all at once. Do not attempt to attach your meanings and your purposes to what I show you. Do not attempt to manage, manipulate, or control it, but simply receive it and accept it. For as you do, you will gain the understanding and comprehension you need. As you receive with openness you will allow my spirit to guide your mind to a greater measure of cooperation with me in this day, and it will be so fun, so exciting, and so challenging for you as you do.

So continue the direction you’ve already started, but also prepare to change your pace. For the days prior have served to prepare you for today, this hour, this season. The changes will be drastic, they will be large, they will be grand. So do not allow your heart to enter disbelief as you see the magnitude of the greatness continue to unfold before your eyes again and again, day after day.

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