My Love And Acceptance Will Sustain You

Neil Vermillion —  April 6, 2016 —  Comments

I love you completely. I love you unconditionally. I love you eternally. I love you with no limits and I embrace every aspect of who you are, even the parts of your life you hate. I love and accept every single thing about you, for there is nothing hidden from my site. So come to me when you are weary and confused, for I will not turn you away. Come to me when you seek answers, for I will not be harsh with you. Come to me when you are tired and have no energy remaining, for I will be kind with you.

In our relationship together you will experience the vast oceans of my power, my love, my confidence, my possibilities, and my acceptance. And your heart will see yourself clearly again, and you will remember who you are. You will find your way again, and resume the course originally marked out for you.

For though you lose your way I will guide you back. Though you grow tired I will give you strength. Though you experience disappointments I will renew your hope. I will embrace you and shower you with my affections and your heartaches will be remembered no more. For you are so very precious to me, My Love. You are my most prized possession. You are the most tender affection of my heart.

So be confident in this, my love and my acceptance will sustain you. When you need me most I am there for you. When you are gone and preoccupied with your “important business” I am there for you still. For I have never left you, and I never will.

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