I Love You Endlessly And Limitlessly

Neil Vermillion —  March 22, 2017 — Leave a comment

In this moment I am speaking to you in new ways. I am amplifying the sound of my voice so you will hear it, but also so you will resonate with it. For my communion and fellowship with you is not a mere exchange of information, but of visceral discernment and perception too. I spoke yesterday, but you did not hear. Today I am speaking loudly and clearly, and you are hearing every single thing.

So know I am increasing the volume when you need it, because you need it. I am guiding you wonderfully, and instructing you mysteriously. But even still, not only is this process enjoyable for you, but the results and outcome will be fulfilling and beneficial too. I am speaking to your heart, and I am confirming my words. I am dropping little bombs, but reiterating the messages they carry. I am speaking to you now, but I am also repeating to you tomorrow, and again and again.

So know this is my spirit for you in this season, for I heightened your perception of a realm of our relationship. I have not given you something new, but have awakened your perception and appreciation to what you already possess. I have pointed your eyes to see what has been at the tip of your nose all along, and now you are hearing, feeling, receiving, and most of all, cooperating.

So even though this path is elusive and mysterious to you at times, and even though you want to control the outcome, continue to follow the steps of my pace, and the pace of my timing. For I am governing so many things in your life, even in this present moment, even though you wonder, resist, and doubt.

And though I have proven myself faithful to you beyond measure, still you hesitate to implement the changes I have shown you. But nevertheless, I am with you today, and will remain with you always, just as I have always been with you. Nevertheless, I will continue to guide you, to love you, to shepherd you, to train and prepare you, because these are my plans for you, for I love you endlessly and limitlessly.

So wrap yourself in the clothes of my security as you neglect the doubts of yesterday. For as I continue to speak, even as a whisper, you will continue to hear, receive, understand, and adjust.

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