My Love For You Has Never Diminished

Neil Vermillion —  April 5, 2016 —  Comments

For I see where you are, my Dearest. I know where you have come from, My Sweet Love. I remember you since before the beginning, for there has never been a time when I did not know you. You are in the very center of my attention and my gaze and affection and energy are totally fixed upon you. I see the hurts within your heart, and love you still. I see the accusation against you, even the accusation you raise against your own self, and I still choose you. I love you and always will.

I have opened my heart to you in surprising and intriguing ways. I have sparked your curiosity as I touch the strings of your heart. For I am calling you to the deeper things, the hidden things, the mysteries, delights, and wonders I have in store for you. And as you explore and experience them you will be moved, touched, and inspired. Every aspect of your life will be transformed, and you will hunger for me like never before. Once you taste of my supreme goodness you will not be able to accept any substitute, but will seek me with all your strength, all your industry, all your resource, all your power. You will taste of my goodness and spend your life in pursuit of the deep, eternal joys placed within you.

For I am tender and kind. I am loving and gentle. I am patient and accepting. There is nothing in this world that will separate you from my great love for you. Though you blunder and fail time and time again, still my love for you does not waver. Though you easily lose sight, though you forget your path, though you forget who you are I am still standing with you every minute of every day. And these things will come, but they are but brief. These things will come but they are but small. These things cross your path, but your path will carry you and draw you closer to me day after day, decade after decade.

And as you travel with me hand in hand, know I am not offended by you. Know I am not irritated by you. I am not your against you. I am not your enemy. Know I am not angry with you, nor am I disappointed in you. Even in the times when you lose your way, lose your vision, lose your perspective, lose your identity, know my love for you has never diminished. My love for you has never decreased.

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