My Loving Instruction As I Grow And Prosper You

Neil Vermillion —  September 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

As you continue to follow me, and grow with me, I will continue to guide you in my ways. And though the path I have for you does not always look familiar, does not always look pleasing to you, it will yield good results over the due course of time. For I am working with you, in you, and through you to accomplish my will and my plans for your life. And though you do not always understand this process, I am working in spite of the mess, confusion, and chaos.

I am taking the small seeds planted and invested within you and working them, nurturing them, and growing them so they will begin to germinate, and produce the good fruit intended for your life. For I know the end already. I know how you see yourself today and I know how you perceive your present position. I know your heart and your past, and I will continue to shepherd you, even without your knowledge or cooperation.

For my love for you is greater than the little things set before your eyes today. My understanding is greater than the distractions originating from the flavor of the day, and the passing trends they offer. My instruction will be my gift to you and you will receive it when you need it most, which will spawn knowledge, strength, and hope.

For even this day I am opening doors of understanding to you that previously had been closed. I am opening the walkway to the corridor of understanding, and doing so generously. For this is my desire, to reveal all these things to you. This is my desire to show you my heart as I show you my plans.

For the gifts and the talents placed within you will continue to rise to the surface, allowing themselves to be revealed, identified, and exercised. I will not only guide you, moving you in the right direction, but I will also continue to love you as I instruct you. I will teach you, but I will also develop you. I will strengthen and prepare you, but I will also give you insights for the understanding you need. I will not keep the door closed, but will open them all to you liberally and regularly.

So do not be afraid. Do not hesitate or stagger in the timing of all I have presented before you. Continue to place your confidence in me, not in your talents, not in your own understanding. Advance forward knowing I am with you but also guiding you and lovingly instructing you as I grow and prosper you.

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