Making Room For Much Needed Change

Neil Vermillion —  August 3, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you walk in the direction of the guidance of my hand do not be afraid to discard what becomes worthless and irrelevant. For surely part of your path of development will be to acquire new things, learn new habits, and expand and increase existing habits. Also a very real part of your path of development will be to discard with that which becomes obsolete or irrelevant.

You will also outgrow some things. You will mature past the need for certain habits and ideas. You will become stronger and wiser and no longer require the use of these crutches, even though they were helpful and useful for a season. Do not hold on to the things I am removing in your life even though they are familiar and known to you already, for they are no longer needed and have become obsolete.

In this habit you will be able to welcome what is new. You will have ample space and capacity to receive and process the new things I am introducing to you, rather than repeating the old things from yesterday. You will no longer be weighed down by yesterday’s manna, but will receive what I have for you today, the fresh and relevant manna of this day and season.

Along with your capacity to receive will also come the discernment to know what to keep and what to discard. Within this season of streamlining you will come possess and refine the knowledge of value and the ability to rightly judge worth. So embrace this process for it will empower you as you grow in your capacity for judgment as you discard the drivel and chaff no longer needed.

In doing so do not be narrow in your application, for there will be many expressions of what I have for you. I will streamline your life in many aspects, and across many seasons, so do not be presumptuous in what or who to keep, or what or who to remove. I will guide you in both, so you will know what you should keep but also know what you should remove, or allow me to remove. And though this will be good for you, understand in many ways this will also be difficult and perplexing as well.

The longing for what is familiar is not to be underestimated. Your desire and tendency to return to familiar waters will certainly manifest as you analyze and examine what I am saying, but also what I am doing. So keep this in mind, and do not allow sentiment to govern your decisions beyond what is appropriate. Do not allow your personal preference to limit your potential, nor stunt your growth or development.

Walk with courage in spite of the contrast and paradox, and allow me to inspire and instigate the much needed change in your life. For as you remove what is useless, you will make room to receive and absorb what I am soon to give you, all that is helpful, wise, and useful as I continue to guide and bless you daily.

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