Making The Best Use Of Your Time Spent Waiting

Neil Vermillion —  July 12, 2019 —  Comments

In this season of your life, know I am not finished with you yet. Know I still have many things to unfold before your eyes. There is much still ahead of you, much yet to be revealed, and much to be experienced. Even though the delays are real and seem to never end, do not give up in your time of waiting and preparing. Even though at times you feel you are accomplishing nothing, know all your experiences are strategic and working out for your ultimate good. (1)

The time spent waiting is working issues within your heart and character. This time spent waiting will prepare you and refine you, as you continue day after day. It is my desire to release you when you are ready, when your fruit is ripe, when you will be most effective, but not before that time. Even though there is a waiting period do not lose sight of your vision. Do not become discouraged, or allow your fire to die, but continue to let your fire burn bright day after day. (2)

As you grow in your capacity for faithfulness and consistency in little things, in days of waiting, you will be preparing yourself for days of activity. Your gifts need time to develop. Your experience is needed to refine your necessary skills. Not only does your heart and character need to be developed, refined, and prepared, but so do your gifts and talents as well. While in your time of waiting, make the best use of your time. Use it to prepare yourself, and to gain all the experience you can. Use your time of waiting to grow in love as you acquire valuable wisdom and experience. (3)

Even in times of waiting and delay I am with you still. I am close, having never left your side. You are never forgotten. You are never alone. Everything has its purpose. Everything fits into my plan. (4)

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