Manifesting My Plans For Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  June 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I have loved you, now remain in my love. Do not hinder what I have given you by doubting or deviating, but continue to walk forward in truth and confidence, knowing I am with you in all things. Walk in confidence, trusting I am with you, and will never leave you, nor forsake you, even though in this world you will encounter times of difficulty and stress.

Why do you seek the life of comfort and ease? Why do you expect things to be made simple and easy for you? Why do you presume when there is struggle something must be wrong? Why do you doubt when I have spoken to you? Why do you hesitate after I have instructed you to go forward?

In all these things remember I have always known you, and have always set you in motion. I have put your foot on the right path, but have also supplied you with momentum to carry you forward. I have given you the vision and the understanding, but I have also given you the strength and the capacity to move. I have given you my knowledge and have given you my spirit. I have given you the opportunity and have supplied you with all you need.

As I continue to instruct you, do not be disillusioned or disgruntled as you experience delays, struggles, resistance, and confusion in your requirement to participate. Do not be upset that after giving you the pieces to the puzzle, you are also required to assemble the pieces together. For I have made every available opportunity open to you, even now. I have given you all the parts, all the pieces, and have also supplied you with the understanding too.

So do not hold back. Do not hesitate, but walk forward according to the path I have illuminated before you. Walk in accordance to all I have shared with you already, the plans dreams, desires, and words spoken to you in your heart, in your dreams, and in your past.

For I am not asking you to move blindly. I am not asking you to jump from a cliff with no understanding. Rather I am asking you to initiate the first step, and to remain faithful in the next steps. I am asking you to move according to what I have shown you already. I am asking you to remain faithful, in spite of the surprising and unforeseen events and obstacles you will encounter along the way.

For the details and pieces you did not perceive initially in no way indicate you have not heard from me. The surprises you encounter and discover along your journey in no way imply you have made an error. So continue to remain faithful, and do not presume you have made a wrong turn. Do not consider the direction of your past, or your present, to be a mistake, but understand I have set you in motion with my own hand, and have prepared you for this very minute of this very day.

Walk in confidence knowing I am with you, and I am guiding you, in spite of your doubts, presumptions, and misunderstanding. For though these minor and trivial afflictions you encounter can be real, they are also small in comparison to what I have in store for you. What I have for you is so much greater than what you are confronted with. So turn your gaze from your problems, and look to my word. Turn your memory away from the voice of naysayers and accusers, and remember my word. Turn your affections and your hope away from adversaries and resistance, and direct your heart to my word.

For in doing so you will exercise your will to choose to believe me, rather than believing your adversaries. In doing so you will exercise your capacity to choose to listen to me, to remember me, and to follow me in spite of temporary and trivial difficulties.

In doing so you will also grow and will, believe it nor not, experience my joy, even in the midst of great suffering. For in these things my grace will also abound, and your heart will encounter my heart in mysterious and unexplainable ways. So do not become weary in well doing, but remain faithful and persevere. For as you do, you will surely reap the harvest of your heart’s desire as I manifest my plans for your life, which are even greater than you could ask or imagine.

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