Manifesting Your Real Self

Neil Vermillion —  March 21, 2016 —  Comments

There is such life within you. There is such boldness within you. There is so much potential within you. You have no idea how far you can go. Many times you settle for too little, quit too soon, stop too early. You were designed for so much greatness, yet you allow yourself to settle for too little.

There are so many things I’m stirring within you, and yet you feel all alone, all defeated. Accept and understand my perspective. Accept and receive my truth. Discard what your self-originating notions and assessments of the past. Discard even what you think and say about yourself. Discard these lies you believe to be true, and accept my words to you today.

Forget your failures of the past, for yesterday is over. Forget the things you perceive have disqualified you, for I have qualified you. Forget your shortcomings, for in your limits and weaknesses I manifest my strength. Forget about your imperfections, for there is no condemnation upon you.

Forget the ways you perceive you have not measured up, and embrace the reality of the life you have in me. For the old ways have been done away with, and you no longer need to follow those habits, listen to those voices, or follow those scripts. As you embrace the reality of the life I have given you, you will walk in new habits and in new realms of overcoming limits as you continue to realize and manifest victory, strength, and creativity.

For these are all hallmarks of the person I have designed for you to be. These are all qualities I have placed within you – even at your very core, your very essence.

All these things are true. Today I am encouraging you to choose this truth, rather than choosing limiting habits and mindsets of your past. Even though they may be familiar, they are not the best I have for you. They are not the fullness I have for you. Though familiar, they will limit you, hold you back, and hinder you. So acknowledge my words and acknowledge my truth. For I am reminding you of these things, and of the greatness already placed deep within each of you.

In your most secret parts of your heart you know all this to be true, but in your mind you have believed otherwise. You have accepted labels and limits placed upon you at various times, for various reasons. And today I am challenging you to step past those limits, to remove those labels, and to activate the joy and enthusiasm of victory in your life as you walk and manifest your real self in me, and with me.

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