Manifesting The Reality Of My Truth

Neil Vermillion —  February 22, 2017 — Leave a comment

Even today I am opening your eyes to strategy I have for you. For there is a very real, very tangible call upon your life, and you have been given specific skills in order to complete and accomplish this call. So allow me to reveal and confirm your identity, your call, your talents, but also the strategy for them all. For I will not leave you confused and bewildered, but will show you and speak to you plainly, and will make it clear and easy for you to see and understand.

I know you get overwhelmed in the details at times. I know you see your mountains as impossible and too difficult at times. I know you see your problems as permanent and complicated. So allow me to govern your thoughts and reveal my strategy to you. For I will show you how to discern good from the best. I will show you how to judge between important, and not so important. I will show you how to make the right judgements and decisions that will give you the results you need, and give you the answers you need too.

I will show you how to make the right decisions, but I will show you through the lens of understanding my timing and my strategy. For I will give you the blueprints and the timelines, and will also include the methods as well. I will show you the direction to travel, but will also give you understanding to operate the tools given you. So trust in me, and trust I have given you everything you will ever need.

And all that you lack this day will also be supplied to you. For I will add to what you’ve already been given. I will increase the small supply of seed so you are able to sow even more, and increase your harvest. I will give you more than enough, and you will be able to advance, to thrive, and to prosper according to my will and my plans for your life.

So speak to me, but also listen to me as I whisper in your ear. For my voice will be important. My influence will be crucial and vital. Our relationship together will not be optional, but will be essential as we venture together in all these things. For with me all things are possible, but you can do nothing on your own. So rest in this truth and assurance, for grasping this will liberate you from your own presumptions and ego. Knowing this will set your heart free, preventing you from attempting to accomplish what only I can do.

Drink deeply from the fountain of my revelation and understanding. For as you see the truth, and imbibe my joy, your heart will be truly and completely free. As you know the truth, your heart and mind will be free from the limits, and shackles, and lies presently influencing you, for I will manifest the reality of my truth time and time again, and will do so consistently, generously, deliberately, and distinctly.

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