Manifesting Your Transformation

Neil Vermillion —  June 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

Let me assure you and remind you, the harder you try, the more you resist. The more effort you apply, the more difficult it becomes. The more you contribute, more you add to your labor. So rest in me, and discard your worries and fears that inspire you to busyness. Rest in my peace, and do concern yourself with the outcome – particularly the outcome you have no means to influence. For you have many good habits, but I am moving you past those habits. You have many excellent and righteous qualities alive and active within you, but I am increasing their expression and manifestation in your life. And in doing so, you will be required to embrace the change associated with this increase.

So do not continue to fear the new and unknown. Though you think you welcome and desire what is new, your notion is merely superficial. For in your heart you possess fear of what is new because it is unknown. So allow me to guide you gradually and gently past this objection. Allow me to quiet the voice of protest in your heart, the voice that represses the adoption and implementation of truth in your life.

Though what I have for you is new, do not reject it. Though you do not understand it, do not reject what I have for you this very day. Though you want the familiar, and the implied security it seems to offer, trust in me and allow yourself to move past what is known and familiar. For what I have in store for you is so much greater. What I have for you is so different, and so mysterious. What I have for you is far beyond what you are comfortable with, which is why I move you gently and slowly.

I will hold you by the hand as we walk to the death of idols of your past. I will hold your hand as we examine and understand the core beliefs you hold about yourself, and about me. I will hold you by the hand as I bring you to lasting hope, to present reality, and to everlasting and incomprehensible truth. I will hold you by the hand as you need me, for I am loving towards you as I guide and instruct you.

For I am your loving father. I am your loving shepherd, and I will take great care with your fragility. I will take great care with what you are capable of handling from one moment to the next, from one day to the next. I will take great care of you in every way, as you continue to hold my hand.

So do not fear, but trust. Do not hide, but embrace. Do not hesitate, but advance. Do not settle, but reach for more. For in all these things you will not only grow, but you will also encounter me. And as you do, you will not only be liberated from your self-imposed limits, but will also grow in your history, knowledge, and experience of me in all things, realizing and manifesting your transformation from the inside out.

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