Meet Me In The Space Of Your Activity

Neil Vermillion —  August 1, 2016 —  Comments

As you step forward and put your feet into motion you will begin to encounter my spirit in greater and newer ways. You will realize your dependence on me and fine tune your hearing in greater capacity than in any days past. You will not look to adversity or adversaries with the same disdain, but will see them with joy, anticipation, and excitement. For as you see things from my perspective you will no longer be troubled or bothered, but will become excited you and invigorated you as you see timelines completed in your future.

For in a place of movement and activity you will be open to my spirit in very different ways than when you are passive and idle. When you are active and moving, pursuing the direction I’ve called you to travel, you will observe and interpret your environment and landscape very differently. So it is in the meeting together in activity your relationship with me will grow and develop, and will do so without substitute.

For there are experiences that cannot be duplicated merely in your mind, merely by hearing the stories of others, merely by perceiving them conceptually. There are real experiences set aside specifically for you that are designed to shape you and mold you, to perfect you and improve you, to refine you and expose you. Every experience you encounter will make a change upon you, either good or bad, big or small. Every experience you encounter will ultimately draw your heart closer to me, if you will be open to receive what I am saying to you, what giving to you, or what I am asking of you.

In so many ways you have locked me in a small box, and have limited yourself in doing so. You have defined only certain aspects of who I am to be permissible, to be accessed and experienced according to your comfort or your concept. But as you move past your mental constructs and engage with me in activity – particularly the activity I have orchestrated for your life that has been designed to prune you and grow you – you will come to know me beyond your constructs and will do so without the safety of your limiting boxes.

So step forward this day and put your feet into motion, and do so without hesitating. Step forward in faith, with eager anticipation, knowing you will not only accomplish what I’ve called you to pursue, but also knowing you will encounter and experience me like you would not in any other venue, environment, or circumstance. Step forward this very moment, not looking to the right or to the left. Step forward this moment, without care or concern. Step forward this moment and meet me where I am. And as you do, you will be delighted by the surprise and mystery I will unveil before you, day after mysterious day.

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