My Mercy Is Greater Than Your Lust For Blood

Neil Vermillion —  March 7, 2017 — Leave a comment

You will find I am with you, and will grant you hope, even in the midst of your greatest mistakes. You will experience my goodness, in the midst of your troubles – even the troubles you have brought upon yourself. You will feel my joy as you begin to discern your present circumstances as temporary, no longer perceiving them as permanent or impossible.

And with this understanding your emphasis will begin to shift from the perceived importance of your momentary and present trials, to what I have in store for you. I will renew your hope, but will also give you the strength to take the appropriate actions and make the right, and usually difficult, choices. I will grant you the discernment to know which direction to move, and what path to take and what path to avoid. I will shine my light upon your journey so you will not stumble, but will be able to see each step clearly, allowing you to advance with precision and confidence.

In this knowledge and experience I will also give you hope and anticipation for what is yet to come, and your heart will come alive. Your curiosity will move away from selfish, immature motives and concerns and be directed to more responsible, more righteous concerns. And in this peace and revelation you will grow and develop, moving past your goals and desires of yesterday, to what I have planted deep within your core, the very essence of who you are.

In this awakening you will see it come to pass, my majesty displayed before your eyes, not only in the heavens or in creation, but in the day to day activities of your daily life. You will see the glory and goodness of the call upon your life – not the call for “spiritual” or “holy” things, but for the everyday, commonplace happenings. Your eyes will be open to see the lines blurred between what man has called holy, and what I have called holy. And in this blurred perception you will no longer continue to call unholy, all I have already redeemed and made holy.

For my redemption is greater than you condemnation. My forgiveness is greater than your judgment. My mercy is greater than your lust for blood. My generosity is so much greater, even to the point of offense, compared to your constant and petty demands for fairness. So rest and trust in all these things, knowing I am working them to your ultimate good and benefit, even though you do not always see and understand them in this present moment and chapter in your life.

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