Messengers, Demonstrators, Distributors

Neil Vermillion —  March 22, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to walk in the realization of the life I have given you, the freedom you now possess, and your true identity many new doors will open for you – not only of opportunity, but also new doors of thinking and believing. Like a machine, your mind thinks what you tell it to think. But your heart is a different matter altogether. So allow my spirit to renew both your heart and your mind, and you will see the truth already placed in you begin to manifest again and again.

For I have called you not to be only mere messengers, but also demonstrators. I have placed my power upon and within you. As my children you shall not only speak truth, but live it too. This role as demonstrators is an integral aspect of who you are, and who we are together. It is a reality of who I have made you to be, and is part of your DNA – nothing you could ever run away from, nor reject.

So do not deny this, but embrace it. Accept your call to be not only messengers, but demonstrators. As you do you will find the life of adventure and fulfillment you have always sought after, though you did so in carnal means. For within your inner man, rivers of living water will spill forth. And from these waters new life will spawn and resurrect.

For as my children you are my demonstrators but you are also my distributors as well. So do not be bashful. Do no be hesitant. Do not be apprehensive, but allow the light within you to shine before others, and allow that light to impact and influence them. Spread the word, spread the message, spread the demonstrations. For these things will matter for today, but will also matter for tomorrow as well.

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