In The Midst Of My Beautiful Mystery

Neil Vermillion —  May 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

For as you sit with me, I will continue to speak to you in secret and subtle ways. I will whisper in your ear so softly you will easily miss it. I will inspire you, but will do so gently, as if it were a fleeting idea or whim. I will speak to you again and again, and will not let you go, but will remain with you in all things, never wavering, but relentless and consistent in my loving pursuit of the destiny and fellowship placed within you.

For your understanding of our relationship together is unclear and uncertain. Your understanding of what I have made available to you is grossly inadequate, full of half truths, misunderstandings, and distortions. So walk with me, and listen to me time and time again. Allow me to work with you and develop our relationship gradually, patiently, and perfectly. Allow me to bring you to the place of correction, as you drink from the cup of my fellowship.

You will find what I have for you is so much sweeter than you presumed. You will find what I have for you is so much easier than what you presumed. You will find what I have planned for you, and what I am revealing to you this very day, is so much better than you presumed and have previously imagined.

For you have not fully understood, nor conceived, the fullness made available to you in this day. You have not encountered all I have for you. You have not processed all I have made available to you, and am sharing with you, even in this very moment.

So embrace the mystery of what is unfolding before you right now. Embrace the mystery, the aspects you do not understand, knowing there are elements beyond your comprehension and perception. And walk with me in the midst of this great mystery, Christ in you, the hope of glory.

For in our embrace you will experience more joy than you thought you would even know. In our embrace together you will experience more peace than you thought would ever be possible. In our embrace together you will experience the heights of bliss unparalleled to anything else, and will find the rest and security our heart and circumstance desire and crave.

Discard your apprehensions, for they will steal the fullness from you if you permit it. Discard your traditions and your notions previously conceived in your ignorance and awkwardness, and walk with me as I hold you close to my side, in the midst of my beautiful mystery.

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