Be Mindful Regarding The Details I Am Sharing With You

Neil Vermillion —  December 12, 2017 —  Comments

In this day be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, for I am reviving memories and thoughts of your past and contrasting them against the thoughts and emotions of today. I am highlighting two things: your growth from the past few years, and the expectations of the upcoming years. So with this know I am challenging you for the concepts, hope, plans, and beliefs for your immediate future, but also know I am contrasting these things against your most recent past.

With this contrast you will see the way you used to behave. You will see the way you once thought and how you approached life. You will see how you used to believe, and the way you used to relate to me. In this reflection, know I am bringing about hope, optimism, and compassion in order to encourage you. For you have done well, and have grown by leaps and bounds in many aspects of your life. You have let go of hindrances, and adopted many of the changes I have introduced to you. This contrast I am stirring within you will enable you to see where you have come from, and to allow you to measure and understand both the distance, as well as the rate, of your growth.

This understanding will enable you in the things I am setting before you this day, for I am making myself known to you again. I am making my plans known to you once again. I am making the vision of your future become more clear, more relevant, less distant, less fuzzy. I am awakening this, and clarifying this in the context of careful comparison of your most recent years. So be mindful as I resurrect memories of your recent years, for I am comparing them and contrasting them from yesterday to today. (1)

And as this process continues to manifest in your life your heart and mind will be prepared to process what I am about to reveal regarding your future. For as you understand your past, the soil of your heart will be prepared to receive the seeds I am about to give you regarding your future. Do not be impatient, but sit with me in eager anticipation, for you should know if I am going to this trouble to prepare you to receive the revelation I have for you, it will be truly impactful, truly profound, truly noteworthy in your life.

Do not let yourself become distracted with seemingly urgent matters, but continue to allow space for my deliberate influence. In doing so you will cooperate with me as I bring forth new understanding regarding not only your present and future identity, but also the activities and destinations that will also soon be revealed.

There are so many wonderful and juicy details I am sharing with you, and all of them will do you well. So continue to be mindful regarding these things, for I am creating a context and preparing your heart in order to help you not just hear, but also receive and understand what I have for you in your immediate and imminent future too.

(1) Amos 3:7, 1 Corinthians 2:10-12

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